Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Silent Scream - 1989 Demo

So in my box of tapes that I am slowly working through, I found 2 demos from a band called Silent Scream. There is a vast difference between them. This one hailed from Manhattan. The other from California. This demo is good, with one awesome song, the other, not so much. The opening song on here, Gogmagog, is fantastic. The other two are decent as well, but they don't compare. Pure Metal. Very memorable. Two of these guys (Chip Rainone and Robert De Forge) went on years later to put out an album with Savior Servant on Dominion Records. And that is everything I know about this. Enjoy.

Download: Silent Scream 1989 Demo

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scarlet Bride - 1987 Demo

So I forgot this ever existed. These guys were from Atlanta, GA. I have no real information about them or whether they did anything after this. However, I do remember hearing this on a radio show called The Rock Shop back in the 80's which was out of Seneca Falls. Well, not so much remember, but a couple of the songs are familiar and I assume that is where I heard them. So basically you have 5 songs, pure Metal. "Hideaway" and "Play to Win" are the standouts here. Extremely catchy and powerful songs. The other three are ok, but nothing as remarkable. Download and hear for yourself. I mastered this so it sounds a bit louder and fuller than the original tape. Enjoy, and if you know anything about this band, please feel free to contribute information...

Download: Scarlet Bride - 1987 Demo