Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Twilight Kingdom "The Guardian" - 1995 Demo

The first time I heard this, I was blown away. The fact that this was basically a new band, and this was their first recording... Wow. This holds it's ground with most progressive Metal bands. You can hear elements of Dream Theater throughout, a touch of Fates Warning here and there, but at no point do they sound like either band. Heavy and melodic at the same time, Twilight Kingdom may very well be the best Progressive Metal band from Central New York, ever. And you can download this remastered version of their 1995 Demo and hear that for yourself.

A powerful opening track, March of the Guardian, couple of long, powerful songs, Shadow Troops and Awakening, following, and an almost New Age flavored instrumental, Winter Dreams, ends off the first side. The second side begins with an awesome song, Forever Sacred, inspired by the movie Thunderheart, another New Age-ish piece, Living on Borrowed Time, and then the Epic Angel to No One. Finally, tagged onto the end is The Ticket. A silly little song.

I also included their post Guardian demo tracks, bands members switched around a bit, but Chris Bedell and Thomas Rice were always the foundation of the band. They later signed to a small prog label, Siegen Records, who managed to destroy their recordings and relase something with possibly the worst production ever. The songs were great, but it almost seemed like the label and studio were sabotaging them for some reason. The resulting CD is FAR inferior to these recordings. The post Guardian tracks include all the songs from their 1997 Demo, which include Bell, Adze, Angel to No One rerecorded, Saviour, and Escape. And finally, Chris and Thomas recorded a couple of songs under the name Ex Nihilo, first as Twilight Kingdom, and then as a side project. Two of those tracks are on here, Ex Nihilo and Bleeding Son's Admonition. Unlike Twilight Kingdom, these tracks are ambient and gothic.

Twilight Kingdom broke up after Adze. They never played a show live, Chris being the drummer and vocalist had trouble pulling both off live. The band minus Chris went on to form Full Circle, who released one CD, Matter of Time. In the vein of Twilight Kingdom, but not quite as dynamic. That also has broken up. Meanwhile, Chris and longtime friend Pat Ward formed Lotus Project, which was more of a brutal, yet still progressive, type of band. They did perform live, with Chris doing both the drums and vocals. Currently, they are on hiatus, and a studio band. I may be adding their demo to this eventually at Chris' request. Chris and Pat are currently in the band Castle Bravo, more Hard Rock / Alternative than anything they have done before, but still an exceptional band. AND, Chris, Thomas, and Steve from TK, are working on yet another project, this time with Pat from Lotus Project and Castle Bravo, and Shane, who drummed for Full Circle. This project is called Death of Centuries.

Bascially, what you have is an amazing amount of musical talent, and it all tracks back to The Guardian.

Download: Twilight Kingdom "The Guardian"


  1. Dear Seriah, I would like to thank you for keeping the spirit of Twilight Kingdom alive and well in the world of the "Demo Reclamation Project". This is Thomas, the keyboardist for the band Twilight Kingdom, Full Circle, and now Death of Centuries. You have done nothing but push our stuff out to the world even when we aren't looking. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts, and hope that someday we will be out there again soon playing gigs, and maybe even pulling out some of the Twilight Kingdom tunes, since we never got to play them live. Maybe a little Angel to No One is in order for the masses live, eh?