Saturday, March 14, 2009

DIRTUNDERgOD "deus ex machina" 1994 Demo

DIRTUNDERgOD were all Ithaca College students, I do believe. I am pretty sure this was the only thing they recorded, and I think they broke up after graduating. The vocalist Tait Halverson may have been local as afterwards he recorded a solo demo that was much more mellow than this. However, this is a great sounding release (only needed some minor mastering) with some really catchy songs. Very much electronic Hard Rock, as was popular back when this came out, the best of the four would have to be Give and Stick Figure Man. All four are pretty cool, though.

Download: DIRTUNDERgOD "deus ex machina"


  1. to clarify - a second ep was recorded as a three-piece. (vocalist tait was asked to leave about six months after this ep and the bassist took over vocal duties) - much heavier sounding and massively better production. never released however.

  2. Any chance those songs could be dug up and and put online? Perhaps even up here?