Saturday, December 27, 2008

Scarlet Bride - 1987 Demo

So I forgot this ever existed. These guys were from Atlanta, GA. I have no real information about them or whether they did anything after this. However, I do remember hearing this on a radio show called The Rock Shop back in the 80's which was out of Seneca Falls. Well, not so much remember, but a couple of the songs are familiar and I assume that is where I heard them. So basically you have 5 songs, pure Metal. "Hideaway" and "Play to Win" are the standouts here. Extremely catchy and powerful songs. The other three are ok, but nothing as remarkable. Download and hear for yourself. I mastered this so it sounds a bit louder and fuller than the original tape. Enjoy, and if you know anything about this band, please feel free to contribute information...

Download: Scarlet Bride - 1987 Demo


  1. Very thanks for this one indeed. A very very rare Demo/EP. People like you is what we need. Rare stuff MUST be known by all of us.


    ROCK ON!!

  2. Damn, I just did a search on the "Rock Shop". I remember that show. Bob Apell or something like that was the DJ every Sat. Introduced me to Savatage, Metal Church, all that shit! Funny! check out